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Lodge Reservations

Simple Booking

Select your week of stay
February - October
Tuesday to Saturday


Handicap Accessible Facilities

*Cabins 4 & 5 prioritize wheelchair access

Retreat Cabins

The five cabins each have five private rooms and a common area 

Service Animals

Pets are not permitted at the lodge except for Service Animals

Non-Smoking Facilities

Smoking is not permitted within any building. Smoking outside only

Reservation Instructions

1. Make sure you completed the "Guest Requirements" Form before proceeding. Valid service records or a DD214 are required to be submitted by all guests prior to reservations.

2. Use the Calendar icon in the "Check-in and Check-out" box below to select your preferred dates, February-October.  [MUST be between Tuesday and Saturday and cannot exceed a 4 night week]

Check-In is Tuesday after noon. Check-Out is Saturday before 4 PM.

3. Adjust the "Rooms and Guests" box below to: 1 room, 1 adult

4. Choose your preferred room from the list provided - if your preferred room is unavailable, alternative dates will be suggested or you can select a different room. Add your room to your cart and proceed to check-out. Unfortunately, we are unable to have a zero-dollar cost, so $1 per night will be charged. You will be refunded that amount.

***While all cabins have wheelchair access, cabins 4 and 5 are more tailored to our guests who use a wheelchair.

*** If you are planning a large reunion event or are trying to schedule far in advance - please contact the lodge for assistance with your reservation.

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