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Frequently Asked Questions

When Is Darkhorse Lodge Open?

The Lodge is open March through October each year (closed from November through February) and is open Tuesday through Saturday each week (closed Sunday and Monday). 

How Can I Reserve A Room At The Lodge?
Visit the "Visitor Requirements" page to fill out the form. A copy of your valid service record or DD214 is required since the Lodge is a retreat for veterans. After uploading your image/documents and submitting the form, you will have access to the reservation page. Retreat reservations are provided on a weekly basis.

Are There Activities Outside Of Fishing  At The Lodge?

The Lodge provides transportation and access to the lake for fishing. Beginning in  2025, we hope to offer additional activities, and scheduled events will be added to our "Events" page throughout the year.

Can I Reserve A Cabin For A Group?

Please call or email us to assist with group scheduling. Our team can check availability and block off rooms as needed. Service documents for all group members can be submitted at that time by email or each member can complete the "Visitor Requirements" form separately.

Can My Spouse and/or Children Stay In My Room With Me?

At this time, each room can only be reserved for one veteran and the Lodge is adults only. Sign up for our newsletter and check our "Events" page for events open to the public or retreat weeks open to couples.

Can Non-Combat Veterans attend your retreats?

Most weeks throughout the year will be for combat veterans only. There will be several weeks where the Lodge will be open to service veterans as well.

Is The Lodge Pet Friendly?

No. We do, however permit medical service dogs with current vaccination status and valid service dog documentation. Emotional support animals are not allowed. We follow ADA service dog guidelines.

What Is Your Alcohol Policy?

Alcohol is strongly discouraged on Darkhorse Lodge property and is forbidden altogether on our boats.

Is There Staff On-Site? What about counselors?

There is staff available 24/7. 

We do not have counselors  on-site but do have nearby resources available upon request.

What Is The Check-In and Check-Out Process?

Check-In is Tuesday after 3 pm, Check-Out is by 11 am on Saturday.

May I Bring My Gun?

For a variety of reasons, we do not allow weapons of any kind on Darkhorse Lodge property.

Do you have internet available?

Darkhorse Lodge is in a very rural area and the buildings have metal siding and roofing. Indoor internet is not yet available and depending on your provider, you may not get signal even outdoors.

Can I Sponsor A Veteran Guest To Attend A Retreat? If So, What Is The Cost Per Guest?

Until we have been open a while, we won't have enough data to effectively calculate that cost. As soon as we have the amount, we will be better able to answer that question. Until then, you are encouraged to donate any amount to put toward a veteran's stay..

How Can I Contribute To Darkhorse Lodge?

The Lodge has a dedicated "Donation" page with information on how to donate! You can also visit "Our Gear" page to purchase merchandise - all proceeds benefit the Lodge. We thank you for your contribution!

For additional questions, call or email us and our team will be in touch!

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