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Darkhorse Lodge Progress

This page holds photos of the progress as we build. We will take you along on our journey from the groundbreaking to the first guest that will come through our doors and will keep you posted as we go. Stay tuned...... 

Creating a Strong Foundation

After choosing the perfect location for each of the buildings, our team went to work with clearing and leveling the land. Each foundation was carefully planned and grids were laid in preparation for pouring the concrete. One by one, each cinderblock was stacked and the buildings started to take shape.

Building the Framework

With the groundwork completed, our team began the wooden infrastructure of the building. With the floors, walls, and rafters in place, the next step was to add on the roof. To finish off this building, some additional stonework was done to create a ramped entrance.

The Five Cabins

With the main building well underway, the five cabins gained their framework in quick succession. As each construction phase was completed on one cabin, our team could start with the next cabin, and so on until we could see all of the phases side-by-side. The cabins stood in various phases of completion including: framing, installing Tyvek walls, installing windows and doors, laying down roofing layers, and adding siding to the exterior walls.